Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And so it begins...

After four years of living in San Francisco, I have returned home with a Bachelor's degree, and this:

An absolute shit ton of unpacking to do (and this wasn't even half of it!)

This photo was taken last week, and since then I have conquered my epic amount of crap and made my room at home look much more appealing:

It took a full weekend and a ton of caffeine, but it's DONE! Though moving back in with my parents isn't ideal, galavanting across Europe for three months while simultaneously paying rent in an unoccupied apartment seems pretty stupid. Besides, now I have peace of mind knowing that when I return from three months of traveling, all of my belongings will be organized and in one place. What can I say? I guess I'm just a little OCD.

Traveling is something I've loved to do for long as I can remember. I've been an avid traveler most of my life, thanks to my mother's job at United Airlines providing me with free flights (yes I know, I'm a douche bag. A very lucky douche bag.) Sadly, due to my busy schedule and lack of funds (flights may be free but hotels, food, etc are still WAY too expensive for a college student on on a minimum wage salary!) I haven't been able to fully take advantage of my situation. Until now, that is.

After saving money for years (plus, I won't lie, quite a bit of a boost from graduation presents and such)  I am able to do what I've always been able to do: backpack across Europe. Not the most glamorous way of jet-setting, but definitely an experience I am craving. So, starting next week, my (ex) roommate Angelina and I will be starting our completely un-planned journey in Dublin, Ireland.

Alyse and Angelina's epic three month tour will (hopefully) include:

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • London, England 
  • Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland 
  • Brussels, Belgium 
  • Berlin & Munich, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • Geneva & Zurich, Switzerland 
  • Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Budapest, Hungary 
  • Barcelona & Madrid, Spain
  • Lisbon, Portugal
And finally, Paris, France, where we will be spending the month of November in an apartment near the Eiffel Tower, eating lots of crepes and soaking up as much culture as possible. 

Before then, we have twelve countries and sixteen cities to explore. Can it be done? I seriously hope so. Though I'm aware that we may have to compromise a location or two in order to make it to our final Parisian destination Nov. 1st, I have faith that we can make this trip work. Plus, worst comes to worst, a weekend trip out of Paris doesn't seem like a horrible idea ;) 

So I've started this blog to document my adventures. From now on, expect regular pictures and stories from across the world. I'll also be documenting the packing process - fuck. my. life. 

I'm excited, nervous, scared, and absolutely ecstatic to have this opportunity, and I'm happy the internet has made it possible for me to share this adventure with all my friends and family <3 

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