Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Favorite Things To Do In Paris

Here's a fun fact for you: 6 years ago I moved to Paris for a month with my best friend. I had DREAMED of Paris for years (we're talking posters on my walls, Eiffel Tower iPhone background, the works) so I knew I wanted to spend a solid amount of time there in my 20s. We rented a cute apartment walking distance to the Eiffel Tower, fully expecting to live our best lives - and I hated it. Though the city was as beautiful as I'd imagined it to be, the frigid November weather coupled with horrible neighbors and generally rude Parisians had me thinking I'd never return. That being said, there were lots of bits I did love. I even had some incredible memorable times with some of my favorite people. Plus let's be real, there is NO denying the food in France is spectacular.

So, over the last 6 years, while living and Europe and watching all my friends visit and return with incredible photos, stories, & restaurant recommendations, my curiosity was peaked. Springtime is supposed to be Paris at it's finest, and apparently it's the most romantic city in the world (6 years ago I was newly single, now I am very much attached) so when the opportunity to visit presented itself, I said hey - everyone deserves a second chance, right? 

Well, I'm happy to report that this time round I had a MUCH more pleasant time. Spring in Paris is stunning, and the warm weather seemed to warm up the locals attitudes. Being with the love of my life also helped, as I was definitely able to pick up on the romance this time round. 

So, in honor of my rekindled flame for the city of lights, here is a list of my favorite things to do in Paris - some I discovered while I lived there, and some from this last trip! 

Eat, eat, eat & eat some more

When someone asks what your favorite food is, most people name a geographic cuisine - Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc. I rarely hear people say French, which is I N S A N E because French food is honestly the best. Croissants, baguettes, macarons, pastries galore. Not to mention croque madame (a personal favorite), duck confit, soup a l'oignon, even escargot (it's delicious, I swear!) So needless to say eating my way around Paris is always a top priority. My favorite cafe to pop into is Cafe de Flore in Saint Germain. Violently overpriced, but you can't beat the food, ambiance, and amazing history (the likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and many other famous writers and philosophers frequented back in the 1920s, making it a popular haunt with incredible energy!)

Museums Galore

Paris is home to the broadest collection of art in the whole world, and holds THE most famous museum in the whole world (hello, Louvre) so going to Paris and not splashing out on visiting the museums is a serious travesty. Pictured above, myself checking out Monet at Musée de L'Orangerie, which was jaw dropping. I also recommend Versailles, which is definitely my favorite museum in Paris!

Listen to the choir in Notre Dame

I'm not a cathedral girl. I don't particularly seek them our or look forward to visiting them, but Notre Dame was a game changer for me. The first time I walked inside I was speechless. If you can go during a choral performance, it is seriously such an incredible, uplifting experience. 

Stroll on the Isle de Saint Louis

For some reason I find the Isle de Saint Louis to be the most magical area of Paris. Every corner is picturesque, from the beautiful buildings to the river views to the ice cream at Berthillon. It's a living portrait of what I imagined Paris would be when I was younger. 

Hunt for Treasure

I've never found better second hand shops then I have in Paris. They are EVERYWHERE, and the treasures you can find are truly unrivaled. I also enjoy walking through the Marche de Saint Ouen (the Paris flea) where I snapped the photo above. 

Gallerie Vivienne 

This is a new discovery, but somewhere I will be going back to. It's essentially a tiny shopping mall, but not in the traditional sense. It is STUNNING, filled with beautiful specialty shops and cafes and really gives you a *pinch me* Parisian moment when you're walking through. 


I fully realize this isn't everyones bag, but Disneyland is my favorite place EVER so whenever I'm in a city that holds one, it's a must visit. Truthfully, Disneyland Paris isn't the most impressive Disney, but it is beautiful and NEVER crowded - 45 minutes would be a SUPER long wait time there (as opposed to 2+ hours at Disneyland California!) Plus Space Mountain and Phantom Manor are MUST rides for Disney fans - they are far superior to their American counterparts! 


Montmartre stole my heart from the minute I stepped foot into it 6 years ago. It's a bit rough around the edges, which is refreshing in a city known for its pretension. It's also chock full of incredible history and has the best views in Paris (and some of the best second hand shops, too!) 

Visit Cafe Kitsune and sit in the Palais Royale

This place is a blogger favorite, and now that I've been it's easy to see why. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the coffee is great (one of the only places we went that served more than just espresso) and it is RIGHT on the Palais Royale, so it's wonderful to have your coffee, sit amongst the gardens and people watch. 

Picnic @ the Eiffel Tower 

Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower is fun, and definitely something to put on the bucket list, but once you've done it once (or twice in my case, once at night and once during the day!) the beautiful stretch of green in front of it becomes more appealing. I love picnics, I love French food, and I love nice views, so a picnic on the Champ du Mars marries all 3 of those things perfectly. Picnic recommendations: baguette, brie, hummus, carrots, salmon pate, madeleines, macarons & lemonade. The dream. 

Just writing these things out is making me want to go hop on the next plane. I think my Parisian hatred may be cured for good. I'll definitely be back! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wisteria Hysteria

I occasionally have 'basic bitch' tendencies. For example, I love taking photos of my food. Anything unicorn themed or rainbow colored I want immediately. I own a pair of Ugg slippers (not boots, okay. SLIPPERS.) And I LOVE, love love love love, wisteria. 

Every year around this time I wait for it to start popping up and I pretty much freak out whenever I see it. My ultimate dream is to own a house absolutely covered in it. But this wisteria in particular is my favorite in all of Ireland. Not only is it appropriately drenched over the School of Botany on the Trinity College campus, but it's SO bushy and full and well groomed (I'm assuming because the Botany students know what's UP) 

Since the beginning of April, I've made sure to walk through the Trinity campus as much as I could in order to monitor the progress of this beauty. It's truly ridiculous how quickly it comes up once its finally time for it to bloom. 

Some fun facts: wisteria is in the legume family (so like, it's related to beans, lol wut) but it's SUPER toxic so don't try to eat it. It also is notoriously difficult to grow, and can take anywhere from three to TWENTY years to actually bloom once it's planted. Pretty much the definition of "all good things take time." It's native to Japan, so if you google "wisteria Japan" you will see the exactly how stunning this stuff is.

Anyway, I fully realize this blog post is about a bunch of flowers which is totally random, but I forced Joey to have a photoshoot with me and I'm SO happy with how the photos came out that I just wanted to share!

This handsome ass man only made handsomer surrounded by Wisteria (enter heart faced emoji here)

Mark my words, one day I will have a blog post up chock full of photos of me being majestic in Japan under a Wisteria tunnel. Major bucket list item!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Curating the Perfect Grazing Board

Once upon a time, on a cold January evening, a girl named Alyse came across a photo on Instagram of a grazing board. Being a lover of cheese, charcuterie, succulent fruits and all types of carbohydrates - she was immediately intrigued. After browsing through roughly 10,000 photos of grazing boards it was determined - she needed to make one. But when!? Can one simply whip a grazing board up with no one to share it with!?! Nay. She needed an occasion. It was decided then and there that for her birthday in April (an agonizing 4 months away!) she would soothe the pain of turning 28 by creating not one - but TWO - epic grazing boards, and invite all her friends over to share it with her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Great story right!? You can all call me Alyse Hemingway from now on.

In all serious, this is one of my favorite creations to date. Fun to make and fairly easy (albeit slightly stressful when you're feeding 20 people) and perfect for a variety of occasions.

A traditional grazing board is essentially a glorified mixture of a cheeseboard, charcuterie board, and fruit platter. One of my more intellectual friends described it as "a cheeseboard on crack." My first board (pictured above) had all the typical foods associated with those type of nibbles - cheese (5 types, may have gone a bit OTT), various sliced meats, various crackers, smoked salmon, bell pepper, pretzels, hummus, honey (lavender infused because I am extra AF sometimes),  strawberry jam, fresh bread, sliced apples, grapefruit, grapes, assorted berries and clementines. Oh, and deviled eggs with bacon and radish, courtesy of my friend Lucy (queen of my life).

The idea behind a traditional grazing board is that you have little free space on the table, and no space in between each food item. Every inch of the table should be covered either by beautifully curated and laid out food, or by garnishes - rosemary, thyme, parsley, and edible flowers are winners in my book. They're not only a nice edition to the table from a culinary perspective, but they easily fill up awkward spaces and look beautiful while doing it.

Now, for the second board....we decided to go a little untraditional. I mean, traditional grazing boards are wonderful but are generally considered appetizers. So I decided my dining room table would be a HUGE, ultimate grazing board filled with both main dishes and desserts - but generally sticking with small bites and finger foods (minus the cake - every birthday party needs cake!)

Behold! My table of wonder!

The dinner menu:

Lasagne bites
Tortellini with sun-dried tomato
Mini chicken pot pies
Mac and cheese bites
Basil and parmesan meatballs
Two types of pizza (spicy chicken & veggie)

The dessert menu: 

CAKE. That I custom ordered and paid entirely too much for hehe.
Whiskey pecan brie with apple dippers
THREE different types of homemade cookies (funfetti, chocolate chip and toffee)
Apple pie biscuits
Cookie butter brownie bites
Ginger snaps
Homemade brown butter rice krispies

Are you drooling yet? 

It was truly the spread of dreams, and I couldn't have done it without my friend Lucy. SERIOUS shout outs to her. She HOME FRICKIN' MADE 90% of this food (I quite literally made nothing, I am sad and useless) and it was ALL mind-blowing good. I'm very obsessed with her and I know she's going to read this so HI Lucy, thank you a million times infinity - I LOVE YOU!

Now, as you can see - filling up all the space on this table was rather difficult. We did not succeed in doing so on the main table as well as we did on the appetizer table. However, I feel this flaw was unnoticed due to the adorableness that was the garnishes. Not only did we garnish with extra flowers, greens and fruits, but all of the bites were served with the CUTEST skewers ever (also courtesy of Lucy...seriously I do not deserve her). Please notice the unicorns in the photo above, and the hearts in the photo below!

And the palm print plates (also courtesy of Lucy lol I don't know why she is friends with me)


Also, shout outs to my friend Maddie for making this brie! (One of two things on the table Lucy didn't make haha!) 

Besides Lucy and Maddie I need to give shout outs to my friends Molly and Hayley who helped me orchestrate and design the tables, my friend Katie who is the BEST mixologist ever (she made the rum punch pictured above AND champagne jello shots!) and my flatmates Joey (aka bae) and Hugh for letting me yell at them while they help blow up balloons and put up decorations. It takes a village to throw a party but ultimately myself and my village-people were VERY happy with the results!

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Weekend Wander: Copenhagen

Last Christmas Joey bought us flights for a quick trip to Copenhagen, which he scheduled for the weekend before my birthday...which was two weekends ago! Woo! We arrived on a Friday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon, so it was truly just a quick taste of the city - but I loved it. Unsurprising really considering how much I loved Oslo, it's a very similar vibe (I think I might have a crush on Scandinavia). There's not too many touristy things to do so you can focus on exploring all the quaint streets, shops, & cafes and eating ALLLL the food.

I wasn't there long enough to make a full post of recommendations, but here are some highlights of our trip!

Starting first with my all time favorite apartment I've ever stayed in on Airbnb (and yo girl has stayed in quite a few):


Perfectly curated Scandinavian interior goals

& this couch was the most heavenly piece of furniture I've ever had the opportunity to sit on. Big claim, I know. We loved this Airbnb so much that we spent our Saturday night chilling here instead of out on the town (not that Joey and I are big nightlife people, but you get my point!) I couldn't recommend this place more, you can find it by clicking here.

That being said, our Friday night was much move lively and age appropriate as we spent it running around the stunning Tivoli Gardens (enter like 15 heart eyed emojis here)

Tivoli is a theme park, but not the same type of theme park Americans would think of. Yes, there's amusement rides, yes there's novelty areas, but Tivoli oozes sophistication and zen that I've never experienced in a theme park before. It's very grown up - gourmet food, beautiful design, bougie shopping, floral installations - this place is my actual dream.  It even SMELLS amazing! Like flowers and food and no sweaty people. It's also insanely well priced - entry is equivalent to only $18, and if you want unlimited rides it's only $37! I don't know how the Danes managed to create this wonderland but it is ABSOLUTELY worth the trip!

I also recommend having a meal there, there's SO many cute restaurants with incredible cozy ambiance in addition to a MASSIVE gourmet food hall!

Speaking of food, food culture in Copenhagen is very strong - as is al fresco dining.

  However eating outside isn't the only commonality I noticed amongst locals  - a love of coffee, fresh flowers, and good lighting are also prevalent. All of which I can connect with on a spiritual level.  

In terms of cafes, I really loved Original Coffee for it's lovely view and delicious cookies, and The Coffee Collective for it's general aesthetic and a crackin' iced coffee. 

Outside of cafes and Tivoli, our favorite food spot was Torvehallerne, a traditional Scandinavian food hall chock full of fresh produce, seafood, chocolate, craft booze, and juice:

I always pick up overpriced juices on my holidays because it makes me feel fancy AND like I'm counteracting all of the carbs I'm eating. A win win situation.

The only part of Copenhagen that we got to FULLY explore besides Tivoli Gardens was Freetown Christiania. Yes, friends. We ventured into hippie territory and it was...actually really clean and pretty and nice with lots of art work and music and food?!

When I first read about Freetown Christiania, its lack of government, open drug use, and its departure from the European Union, I definitely expected it to be DIRTY and very uncomfortable. On the contrary, it's such a lovely place! It appears that most people live off of the land, raise and grow their own food, bike, smoke weed and just have generally very happy simple lives. It's no where to be afraid of and is SO interesting to walk through, I think everyone should check it out! 

The only downfall to Freetown Christiania - you can't really take photos there, it's frowned upon. But I was lucky to capture the last two shots of some very cool street art we stumbled upon. 

The only downfall to Copenhagen? The rumors are true - it is expensive. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't go back in a heartbeat! 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Amsterdam Guide

Last weekend I took my first adventure of the year in the form of a quick jaunt to Amsterdam! It was my third trip to the Netherlands and by far my favorite. Joey and I spent 4 days walking through the canals, eating stroopwaffles, and exploring all the quirky shops - it was deeeelightful. I've said this before, but there's something so calming to me about re-visiting a city I've already explored. I feel like the pressure if off as I'm normally very go-go-go when I'm exploring somewhere new and I don't want to miss out on anything in case I don't end up coming back! That being said, this trip I got to do SO much (funny how that works) and I now have a crackin' list of recommendations to share with you all. It's a combination of insight from all of my trips, and I can say with complete certainty I would go back to every single one of these places!

A QUICK disclaimer - I don't party, so these recommendations are not for those of you wishing to get #turnt, but if you're looking for a list of recs for a lovely city break, I got you!


Jordaan is arguably the most beautiful area of Amsterdam. It has all the picturesque post-card Dutch facades and is home to soooo many cool shops, restaurants and cafes.

Similarly, I liked De Pijp - it's no where near as pretty as Jordaan but it's super vibrant and has a more local feel, you won't find as many tourists roaming around!

The Red Light District is probably the most famous area of Amsterdam, and though I will say it's definitely NOT for everyone, it has an incredible history and I really loved doing a walking tour of the area.

If you love museums like I do, the Moco is one of my favorites in the whole world! It focuses on modern contemporary art and is located in a gorgeous old townhouse. They have a permanent Banksy exhibit that is incredible, I've also seen a Salvador Dali exhibit they housed and on this past trip they had a Roy Lichtenstein exhibit that did not fail to disappoint! 

I didn't think I'd like the Rijksmuseum so I put off visiting it until this last trip but oh - my - god  - that was a mistake. It is mind-blowing. It's basically the Dutch version of the Louvre. If you love art and history you'd be seriously missing out by passing it up.

Also, it has a library that made my heart stop:

& the coolest part is that people actually bring their computers and come work here! Most inspiring (but potentially distracting?) space EVER.


The Albert Cuypmarkt runs every day except Sunday (weird I know, since most markets run exclusively on Sunday) and has everything from piping hot Stroopwaffles, to clothing and accessories, to plants - even weekly groceries! A treasure hunters paradise and a wonderful place to people watch.

In terms of trolling actual stops, the best streets are Haarlemmeestraat and Harlemmerdijk. They are both in the city center, directly parallel to each other, and chock FULL of cute independent trendy shops that you won't find on the high street.

I also really enjoyed Magna Plaza for shopping, it has a mix of indie shops and high street retailers, plus it's just a really gorgeous building!

For an excellent food shop my go to is Albert Heijn. It has sooo many good snacks, smoothies, juices, and dips AND it's a chain so it's located all around Amsterdam! Another fave is De Avondmarkt (the Night Market) which is just...insane. Any time between 2pm and midnight you can waltz in and find alllll the chocolate (Tony's Chocolate is a Dutch staple and a must-try!), all the alcohol and sodas, and piping hot HOMEMADE PASTA - ready to eat. It's fat kid heaven.

Speaking of food...


Stach is a chain that is just...perfect. Amazing coffee, sandwiches, baked goods, chocolate, cold drinks. A great place to perk up upon arrival in Amsterdam!

Not to mention all their chocolate has the cutest packaging:

Their peanutbutter popcorn flavor is my fave! Sounds weird but I promise it will give you life!

Scandinavian Embassy is rated THE best coffee in Amsterdam and I can see why, it was delish. Their food also looked amazing and their space is very cute, but alas, the queues for a table were not so cute. Go during a weekday, otherwise get a coffee to go!

If you want to sit down and be cozy I would recommend Monks Coffee Roasters a LOT. Amazing space, amazing looking food, and the coffee was A+

I also enjoyed C&T Coffee and Coconuts. It's much bigger than the last two so getting a seat could potentially be easier and the space is excellent!

That being said...after ALL that coffee talk, I think my favorite was Toki. It's much quieter and has the coolest cups ever:

Can you guys tell I'm very much a cafe dweller? 

Moving on to places where I can recommend more than just coffee and treats, Mook is my FAVE for pancakes. The Dutch are known for their creative pancake creations and Mook's are just divine. Note: they are NOT traditional dutch, they're fluffy, but trust me when I say you've never experienced pancakes like this before!

Corner Bakery is a firm blogger favorite and when you walk in you can immediately see why - it is SO cozy and cute and their food is very trendy and Instagrammable. Plot twist - it's actually good too! It's a very quick walk away from the Moco and Rijksmuseum so a great place to pop into after a day of museums.

The Breakfast Club....ohhhh this place. By far my favorite. It's just plain yummy. Not much more to say about it. They have multiple locations, please do yourself a favor and visit one!

You CANNOT leave Amsterdam without stuffing your body with deep fried goodness from FEBO and Mannekenpis Frites. They are national treasures and vegetarian friendly! (Pro tip: ALWAYS get frites with fritsauce. It's life changing.)

To finish off the food section I have to give a shout out to Dutch Homemade. Their macarons are maybe the best...I've...ever had!?  Is that crazy to say having lived in Paris? Just try their 'Dutch Cookie' flavor and tell me you don't agree.


Okay so, I felt weird not including this section but truthfully my first trip I stayed in a (horrible) hostel, the second I was in an (underwhelming) hotel and third trip I was lucky enough to stay at a friends apartment.  So the true answer is - I have no vetted recs for this category! However, if I ever get the opportunity to visit Amsterdam for a fourth time I'd want to stay at Pulitzer Amsterdam or the Kimpton de Witt. I've been inside both of them and they are both dreamy and well located.

Amsterdam is known for, well...a LOT, but if that stuff isn't your jam don't let it intimidate you!! That aspect can be easily avoided if you so desire. It's a lovely city and has something for everyone!